Progressive Release Management

It’s time for you, the release manager, to lead your enterprise DevOps evolution. Plutora delivers the tools, analytics, and insights to accelerate releases safely.

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End ‘Hair on Fire’ Management

DevOps is stuck in enterprises. The reason is that no one is able to guide continuous improvement. Release Managers — you — are that guide. But first you need the tools, the data, and the end of everything holding you back.

Reactive Problem-Solving

Fires come out of nowhere, all the time, keeping you from progressing

What Orchestration Tool?

Spreadsheets on spreadsheets. Do you know where your releases are?

No time to improve

You spend all day slowing drowning in '1000 shoulder taps'

Just another Ops role

Software delivery teams don't see you as essential in a DevOps world

“There’s no way my team could have managed the rapid increase in release velocity without Plutora to manage it all.”

Senior IT Manager, International Telecom Provider

Become the Hero of Your Enterprise Software Delivery

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