#1 Value Stream Management ToolSimplify Enterprise Software Delivery, reducing time to value

We make simple to manage complex enterprise software delivery. Get Plutora to manage your complete pipeline in one place, removing silos and getting full visibility.

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What you can do with Plutora

Plutora Integrations

Get complete visibility

Plutora directly integrates with today’s best-of-breed tools across the software delivery lifecycle. Integrations also incorporate existing business rules, supporting even the most complex systems.

The Common Data Model includes standardized elements to incorporate any software delivery lifecycle. Every data point throughout the portfolio is mapped to the Data Model, bringing together and standardizing independent methodologies and disparate tools.

Plutora Release Management

Automate your release process

Standardize release processes within every federated team and across all development. Plutora’s templated release plans use task automation and RACI criteria gates to increase predictability and efficiency. The platform’s centralized scheduling and release scoping easily align releases to business priorities and IT resources. During release execution, pipeline activities can be monitored in real-time, minimizing the manual effort needed to coordinate complex release activities.

Plutora Environment Management

Increase quality and speed

Save IT teams development and test time with every release. Consolidate hybrid cloud, physical, and virtual environment management in Plutora. The platform allows users to view all code versions, change histories, and environment activity in a central repository. With defined workflows, IT teams can also establish self-service scheduling and configuration requests. This helps ensure that builds are tested in the correct environments, which in turn increases release quality.

Plutora Deployment Planning and Execution

Seamless deployment execution

Go-live, or cutover, events have always been stressful in enterprises. With release package deployments full of release units that need to be coordinated impeccably, these events can drag on into the night and weekend. Plutora ends that. Using Plutora’s deployment plans that capture the required manual and automated activities, team members simply track go-live event progress in real-time. Independent teams are able to act with certainty, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of failure.

Plutora Analytics

Software delivery predictive analytics

Plutora’s VSM platform offers AI-powered predictive insights that inform decision making by showing the impact of process changes before implementation. Plutora also provides completely traceable audits of every release and environment change to identify the root cause of any issue in specific areas.

Plutora Value Stream Management

Remove waste and reduce time to value

An application’s value stream is every step in the process that takes a product feature from ‘concept to cash.’ Every application has a unique value stream, making it a fundamental metric in understanding how current IT processes create value.

VSM optimizes these value streams individually and as an entire portfolio to progress an organization’s digital strategy with every release. This is made possible by real-time direct measurements of work within and across value streams.

The impact of Plutora


Time reduction in deploypment

"We all believe that Plutora reduces our operational risk and increases our productivity."

Marc Dovico,
Senior Project Manager,
BT Financial Group


Increase in minor and mayor releases

“There’s no way my team could have managed the rapid increase in release velocity without a solution to manage it all."

Senior IT Manager
Leading wireless provide


Less time coordinating releases

“Plutora is now our single system of record. Before, release data was scattered across the enterprise.”

Vice President
Health care provider’s EHR system

Is the strategy to orchestrate people, technology and processes to increase the business value delivered. Managing the complete value stream of diverse and complex pipelines of the organization, no matter the methodology and toolset.

We recommend starting using Plutora in a small group or project within your organization with a POV (Proof of value) in this way you can show the power of Value Stream Management and expand from there to other areas of the business. 

The majority of our customers start using test environment management or release management features. From there the start to mature their Value Stream Management process adding deployment planning and execution, analytics and predictive analytics. To finalize with a complete Value Stream mapping view. 

Yes! You can use Plutora to manage your pre-production environments and improve the quality and speed for your software delivery process reducing costs.

Yes! You can use the release management features and get the reporting and analytics of this process.

Sure, Plutora integrates with the most common software delivery tools. You can connect in different ways; Using our out of the box adaptor for the most popular tools, using our integration hub to set business rules or we can develop a custom adaptor using our powerful API.

Plutora price varies depending on your process and maturity. Also, in the features that you need from our platform. Please request your demo to get your personalized quote.

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