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Are you struggling with an out-of-date release calendar and nebulous application dependencies? Stop trying to boil the ocean — fill out the form to try a free instance of Plutora Release Management. Use this powerful tool to standardize and streamline your workflow. You’ll gain access to:

  • Dashboards and reports that show value delivered to the business
  • Comprehensive release tools to orchestrate, automate, and improve releases
  • Expand to get more functionality with additional integrations and modules
Free Trial Capabilities
A dashboard and report of value delivered to the business Italian Trulli
A dashboard and report showing initiative status with drill down into EPICs, Features, and Stories Italian Trulli
Flexible analytics across the end-to-end lifecycle of releases Italian Trulli
Templating of release cadences with phases, gates, activity and criteria Italian Trulli
Integration with Jira releases and user stories so you know what's coming Italian Trulli
Real-time release schedule and calendar facilitates slotting of production deployments so you can manage schedule and calendar dependencies of Dev and Ops as well as block out periods
Italian Trulli
Show dependencies between releases, applications, and scope Italian Trulli
Capture and report on release activity for compliance audits Italian Trulli
Automated notifications to team members when action is required Italian Trulli
Manage the release intake process for regular, agile releases Italian Trulli
Manage the stakeholders of systems and releases Italian Trulli
Automated reports for metrics like Deployment Frequency, Lead Time, Failure Rate, and Mean Time to Recover
Manage risk with real-time release dashboards showing statuses on governance, compliance, user stories, testing progress and defect status
Automated report for the CAB that presents all data needed to evaluate fitness for production

* May require additional integration