Test Environment Management Tool

Get Control Over Your Test Environments in Only 4 Weeks

End delays due to misconfigured test environments. Plutora’s Test Environment QuickStart Bundle helps you manage, schedule, and easily track configuration details. Starts at $25K with results in as few as 4 weeks.

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Gain complete visibility into test environments

End delays due to misconfigured test environments. Have a single source of complete information for all your test environments with Plutora.

  • Reduce defects
  • Track utilization
  • Improve time to value

Frictionless scheduling & booking

Save countless hours on status updates and scheduling. Plutora’s self-service tool takes you out of the middle. Know what systems are available and what configurations are needed.

  • Easily visualize schedules
  • Gain access to a usage calendar
  • Quickly identify conflicts
  • Deliver on time

Manage configuration details with ease

Still using cumbersome spreadsheets to manage all the details? Easily track configurations in Plutora. Improve quality by always testing with the right components and configurations.

  • Easily track complex relationships and details
  • Reduce reconfiguration time
  • Eliminate defects that escape to production


Learn how O2/Telefonica reduced unplanned outages of non-production environments by 50% with Plutora


We have answers.

How long does it take to get started?
Be up and running in less than 4 weeks. Our customer success team will work your team every step of the way.

How many seats do I get?
The Test Environment QuickStart Bundle is not limited by the number of seats or users. Unlimited numbers of folks can request, manage and report on your test environments.

Can I change my plan later?
Yes! We have a number of add-ons and full featured plans adding scope, features, reports and customizations.

What integrations are included?
Integrations are not included. We’ll import your existing spreadsheets and help you through the management process. As your process matures, upgrade your edition to include integrations to your CMDB and build systems.

Can I track my usage?
You’ll get a number of reports and analytics to track environment utilization, KPIs, and booking trends.

How many applications are included?
25 applications are included.

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