Accelerate delivery with comprehensive test environment management

Gain control of planning and scheduling and avoid testing delays due to misconfigured environments.

Test environment management


Eliminate time-consuming manual processes

Use centralized scheduling and planning tools that end spreadsheet tracking so you can see everything you need in one place.

  • Enable time-saving self-service booking for stakeholders.
  • Easily identify conflicts with a calendar view of the schedule for all of your environment requests.
  • Gain control by implementing booking approval processes.
  • Understand how environment bookings match up against releases and approvals with an environment impact matrix.
TEM painkillers

End manual tracking and solve your
Test Environment Management challenges 


Instantly know configuration details for every environment

End bottlenecks due to misconfigured environments. With Plutora’s easy-to-use tools, you can implement self-service change requests.
  • Set boundaries on change requests.
  • Visualize gaps using system component mapping.
  • Link CR’s to user stories and test cases.
  • Support governance and manage downtime.
BT group

“With environment alerts and notifications to stakeholders and visibility of environment bookings, Plutora has helped us bridge the information gaps. Plutora has reduced our operational risk and increased our productivity.

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Continuous Delivery Pipeline Visualization

Remove uncertainty with status views of all your builds

Quickly view the application status for each environment to get a full list of applications, their current build versions, dependencies, and key stakeholders.

  • Speed up handoffs with build tools.
  • Get a complete view of version history with visualization tools.

ADVANCED Reporting and Analytics

Understand demand and identify trends using advanced reporting capabilities

Be the most knowledgeable person in the room with insights from comprehensive reporting. Easily track relationships between releases, environments, and environment requests.

  • Get comprehensive reporting.
  • Use demand forecasting tools.
  • Discover analysis tools.
  • See asset utilization reports.


Plutora provides a complete toolkit for all your test environment challenges

Self-Service Booking

Self-Service Booking

Get scheduling and booking tools that end manual work.

Conflict Reporting

Conflict Reporting

Eliminate resource conflicts and proactively block out maintenance windows.

Change Controls

Change REQUEST Controls

Manage approvals, and apply version control to all your environments.

Build Tools

Build Tools

Improve handoff times from code to dev to test. Plus visualize the status of all your builds.

Test Case Planning

Use configuration tools to link change IDs to user stories and test cases.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Get utilization reporting that helps you maximize your resources. Use tools to forecast demand.

Integrations with Plutora


Improve processes using your existing workflow

Master release management using the existing tools you use

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