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Test Environment Management

Comprehensive test environment management

Centralize bookings, resolve conflicts, and track system dependencies. Eliminate error-prone manual configuration management and change control processes.

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Why manage test environments with Plutora?

Plutora provides a complete toolkit for application delivery

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Increase test team efficiency

Streamline test workflows with a self-service booking engine and centralized schedules.

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Comprehend system dependencies

Get a graphical view of system and cross-project relationships.

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Predict and remediate contentions

Eliminate resource conflicts and proactively block out maintenance windows. Monitor utilization rates and reclaim idle resources.

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Ensure accurate test coverage

Link change IDs with new builds to support comprehensive test case planning.

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Establish fit for purpose configurations

Track configuration change requests, manage approvals, and version control environments.

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Create a culture of relentless improvement

Plutora Analytics aggregates release information with quality and deployment data to transform the way application delivery teams solve problems and make decisions.

What our customers say

No more manual work

Consolidate scheduling and management

  • Plutora provides a single resource to plan, schedule, and maintain test environments.
  • The consolidated calendar and centralized booking aligns resources to ensure time-strapped QA teams aren’t waiting on test environment availability.
  • Track dependencies between systems and projects to avoid team collisions in shared environments.
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Easy configuration

Maintain configurations and build on demand

  • Plutora improves test team effectiveness by allocating environments at the right time and with the correct configuration.
  • Centrally define test environments and reliably track configurations, code versions, and change history.
  • Apply a Jenkins job to an environment and run builds on demand to rapidly deploy code.

Full Visibility

Enhance visibility and optimize resource spend

  • Progressive test environments are the framework for a well-structured release plan.
  • With Plutora, all stakeholders can monitor when each code change has been introduced, when versions were deployed, and what tests have been run.
  • Utilization reports help find underutilized environments to consolidate or decommission.
  • Plutora Analytics provides a data warehouse for analysis and reporting using Tableau visualization technology.
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Test Environment Health Check


Real-time test environments health

  • Schedule and execute functional test scripts to check environment health and application behaviour automatically.
  • Automatically check bookings and changes impacts.
  • Complete test environment audit and governance with customizable reports.

Improve delivery using your existing toolchains

Our platform correlates and interconnects your existing tools eliminating silos and enables visibility, governance and collaboration.

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