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Complex software delivery made easy

Define and schedule hierarchical releases, track dependencies, manage approvals, and maintain compliance while accelerating change.

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Why manage releases with Plutora?

Plutora provides a complete toolkit for application delivery

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Adapt to change

Intelligent tracking of system and project dependencies inherent in tightly-coupled releases.

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Connect information silos

Integrate with the existing delivery team tools to improve coordination of diverse teams.

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Create a culture of relentless improvement

Aggregate release information with quality and deployment data to transform the way application delivery teams solve problems and make decisions.

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Accelerate time-to-value

Centralized planning and release orchestration creates efficient, predictable continuous delivery pipelines.

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Lower risk of release failure

Extensive reporting and analytics with drill down navigation provide actionable insight of schedule and quality risks.

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Ensure regulatory compliance

Establish traceability of release artifacts and maintain an auditable history of project changes.

What our customers say

No more spreadsheets

Quality Releases at Scale

  • Solid release plan reduces rework, increases process efficiency, and lowers the risk of production failures.
  • Eliminates the need to piece together the definition of a release from myriad spreadsheets and documents.
  • Consolidated release calendar aligns resources across the portfolio.
  • Defined workflows coordinate diverse teams and establish a predictable delivery pipeline.
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Release Management Tool

Meet Business Demands

Orchestrate Releases

  • Plutora provides a common repository to orchestrate release processes.
  • Balance the pace of change with controls that establish quality gates and approvals. 
  • Trace release artifacts as they flow through the system, monitor release activity, and manage project scope.

Intuitive Interface

Track Complex Releases

  • Integrate with the disparate delivery team tools to aggregate all release, test, and quality data no matter which development methodology is in place. 
  • Track system dependencies within and across projects to help delivery teams navigate the complexity of enterprise releases.
  • Automatically save an auditable history of project changes to ensure regulatory compliance. 
Release Management Tool - Systems Impact Matrix
Release Management Tool

Better Business Decisions

Actionable Rich Insights

  • Optimize the flow of work through the delivery pipeline with metrics and insights from Plutora.
  • Dashboard views provide live, contextual data to ensure business priorities are being met.
  • Automated role-based reporting keeps stakeholders informed of application health and status. 
  • Plutora Analytics provides a data warehouse for analysis and reporting using Tableau visualization technology.

Improve delivery using your existing toolchains

Our platform correlates and interconnects your existing tools eliminating silos and enables visibility, governance and collaboration.

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