Release Management

Double your feature throughput with less risk

Orchestrate, automate, and improve releases from idea to realization to become the hero of software delivery in your organization.

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Release Orchestration

Gain control over your releases

Implement governance for continuous compliance without slowing down agile and DevOps teams.

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Standardize and streamline your workflow with Plutora Release Management

Plan and Schedule Releases

Organize your releases and manage dependencies

Manage a centralized release calendar to plan and coordinate complex releases that cross traditional and autonomous teams.

Analytics and Insights

Know what's working and what's not

Use insights to focus your efforts on hotspots and problem areas.

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“Plutora helped us produce 11 enterprise releases this year, up from 4 major and 4 minor releases 2 years ago.”

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Value Stream Metrics

Accelerate DevOps in your organization

Use value stream metrics to continuously improve your feature throughput and deliver more customer value.

Use any methodology

Unite your releases across methodologies and tools

Create release processes for every type of release in your organization to create a centralized command center for your releases


Become the hero of software development

Source of truth

One source of truth

Eliminate the need to piece together release processes from multiple spreadsheets.

Release calendar

Release Calendar

Easily create and share centralized release plans.

Automate tasks

Remove manual tasks and drive efficiency in your release process.


See Change Impacts

Visualize the impact of a release change on your release portfolio.

Build Analytics

Understand the stability of each release build to manage risk.

Initiative Tracking

Initiative Tracking

Know where each initiative and its features stand.

Integrations with Plutora


Improve processes using your existing workflow

Master release management using the existing tools you use