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Deployment Planning 

Turn risky Go-Lives into streamlined

Streamline deployment processes across teams to minimize risk and accelerate cutover events.

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Accelerate complex deployments with automation and complete observability

Everyone knows the deployment plan. You’ve rehearsed it, automated as much as possible, and perfected it. Now it’s time to deploy and the works flows seamlessly between individuals, teams, and machines. It’s another predictable, perfectly orchestrated Go-Live plan with Plutora.



Create a master deployment plan that unifies all teams and coordinates human and machine tasks.



Identify opportunities to automate tasks through Plutora to accelerate deployments and eliminate errors



Practice and perfect the deployment plan to improve resilience and further reduce risk



Execute go-lives as blue/green or canary deployments with complete visibility
and automated orchestration of all activities



Easily audit deployments and review task execution to continuously improve deployment plans


Empower teams to collaborate in real-time with a single source of truth

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Unify deployments across teams and methodologies

Coordinate activities across teams and applications that use different means of tracking, communicating and reporting.

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Reduce the risk of complex deployments

Increase the success of deployments and reduce the need for disaster recovery with resilient deployment plans that feature checkpoints and issue management.

Benefits of DevOps

Verify and improve

With every deployment activity automatically logged, supercharge reviews with powerful analytics to streamline audits and inform Post Implementation Reviews.

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Automate activities across tools

Automate and orchestrate tasks in CI, CCA, ARA, and test application tools.

“Our team used to be only visible if we got things wrong. Now we’re visible in terms of demonstrating that we’ve got things under control.”

Dan Jacobs, Manager of Planning and Change, Accident Compensation Corporation

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Instant Visibility

Orchestrate deployment from the Command Center

Keep teams aligned during deployment execution with a centralized interface and real-time monitoring.

Accelerate Your Process

Manual & Automated Deployment Tasks

Integrate with deployment automation, configuration management, and test automation tools to manage both manual and automated tasks. Optionally ‘close the ticket’ in ITSM tools.

simplify compliance

Effortless Audit Trail

Deployment activities are logged for easy compliance auditing. Each task includes start time, end time, and relevant notes.

Make long and risky cutover weekends a thing of the past
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