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Deployment Planning Tool

Predictable Go-Live Orchestration

Plutora Deployment Planning Tool for Cutover activities
Create a collaborative environment for orchestrating both manual and automated deployment activities Practice production cut-overs in the exact sequence, independent of geography, vendor status, or level of deployment automation. Dashboards and automated stakeholder notifications highlight task progress. Maintain an auditable history of change and incorporate iterative improvements into plan templates for future deployments.

Manage deployment planning, tracking, and execution activities

Icon - Lower Risk

Reduce Risk

Plan, approve, rehearse, and coordinate go-live activities. Ensure successful cut-over by managing timing and sequence of deployment tasks.

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Unify Coordination from Waterfall to DevOps

Easily coordinate enterprise releases comprised of mixed development methodologies.

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Improve Collaboration

Participants interact with the user interface or interact via email. Stakeholders stay up to date with notifications.

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Improve Throughput

Optimize process flow of concurrent and sequential tasks, and coordinate automated steps. Evaluate complex activities and identify areas for increased efficiency.

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Effortless Audit Trail

Deployment activities are logged for ease of compliance auditing. Each task includes start time, end time, and relevant notes.

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Real-time visibility

The Command Center provides real-time information of deployment progress.​

Plan and Rehearse Deployments

  • Organize deployments plans, artifacts, and activities into a single cloud-based repository
  • Child plans are assigned to the responsible team and rolled into the overall deployment plan
  • Automated notifications keep stakeholders up to date with distributed static snapshots or interactive dashboards
Plutora Deployment Plan and Cutover Activities - Deployment Plan Library
Plutora Deployment Plan and Cutover Activities - Deployment Plan Overview

Command Go-Live Weekends

  • Keep teams aligned during deployment execution with a centralized interface and real-time monitoring
  • Checkpoints highlight key milestones in deployment progress
  • Log issues as input to Post Implementation Reviews

Deployment Automation

Use automated scripts to connect to external applications like AWS Codeship, Red Hat OpenShift, Jenkins, Bamboo, UrbanCode uDeploy, Puppet, and many more. Automate and trigger deployments directly from Deployment Plan Activities.

Plutora Deployment Plan and Cutover Activities - Deployment Automation Scripts

Manual and Automated Deployment Tasks

Integrate with deployment automation, configuration management, and test automation tools to manage both manual and automated tasks. Optionally ‘close the ticket’ in ISTM tools.

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