Plan and Schedule Releases

Create and control single view of all releases

Centrally manage enterprise-wide and team initiated releases with blackout dates and visibility into the process of each release.

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Release planning

Release Calendar

Forget about release conflict nightmares

Arrange and visualize when each release is scheduled to coordinate across teams

Release Schedule

Instantly know what's next for every release

Follow the progress of each release through its process as it is being executed

Release Scope Management

Make each release ready for its deployment date

Scope releases to ensure that every feature that is ready can be delivered to your customers


“Prior to Plutora, people frequently asked for more time for functional testing and they would be fire fighting. But now, I can see which pieces haven’t been accepted into the release by the respective product owners. I can then have a data-driven conversation with them and find out what the problem is, allow extra time if needed or defer to a future release.”

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Impact Matrix

See how changes impact other releases

View how releases depend on each other to make informed decisions.

Initiative tracking

Understand how releases contribute to initiatives

Ensure that you are meeting your roadmap goals by tracking the progress of initiatives.


Take the manual steps out of release management

Initiative Tracking

Control your releases

Manage release scope to make sure every ready feature is delivered

Collaborate across teams

Share the release calendar with teams for better decision making

Coordinate execution

Know where each release is in its progress to align efforts


Surface risks

View the impact that each release has others to avoid issues

Release intelligence

Initiative level analytics

Understand how releases are advancing initiatives to keep them on track

Ico Dashboard

Comprehensive reports

Capture the details of every release to streamline processes