Security at Plutora

Your trust in the Plutora Platform is our top priority. Plutora enables enterprises across industries to improve their software development and delivery, and protecting your data and ensuring high product reliability is essential to helping our customers achieve their strategic goals. 


Data Security

Access Controls

Plutora provides controls to ensure data is only accessed by authorized persons. This includes SAML SSO, 2FA, and IP Whitelisting protection as well as role-based platform privileges to enforce organization-wide data access policies.

Data Encryption

Customer data is protected with encryption at rest and in transit. Additionally, network traffic is secured by HTTPS over public networks and continuously monitored for malicious traffic and network attacks.

3rd Party Penetration Testing

To ensure the security and privacy of customer data, each year Plutora employs third-party security experts to perform a broad penetration test across Plutora production applications, hosting facilities and production network.




Plutora uses industry best practices to protect the privacy of our customer’s personal data. This includes following the GDPR and other applicable legislation in the country we operate.

External Audit

Plutora has a compliance program to help meet your organization’s compliance needs. We undergo independent third-party audits and certify our products with SOC2 and comply with the ISO 27001 information security standard.



Built on best-in-class technologies

The Plutora Platform provides customers with high performance and availability. Using best-in-class technologies such as AWS, Plutora is able to elastically scale to meet demand, and leverage secure and redundant data centers.

Disaster Recovery

The Plutora disaster recovery (DR) program ensures that services remain available or are easily recoverable in the case of a disaster with a robust technical environment, disaster recovery plans, governance and oversight policies and thorough testing.

Compliance & Certifications