Jun 22, 2021

Plutora Introduces Enhanced Data-Centric Platform to Guide Strategic Decision Making and Achieve Successful Software Development

New flow metrics provide the bedrock for a system of continuous improvement powered by a robust analytic engineSanta Clara, Calif., June 22, 2021 - Plutora, a leading provider of value stream management (VSM) solutions for enterprise IT, today announced it has transitioned to an expanded data-centric platform, added additional metrics to monitor and manage value stream flow, and deepened its integrations with Agile planning tools. Central to this are the value stream management flow metrics which, driven by the maturity of the VSM industry and fundamental change in the way customers are utilizing its platform, Plutora has added to enable a more precise way to continuously measure efficiency and identify bottlenecks across every software delivery pipeline.

A data-centric platform is critical to every DevOps and Agile transformation. Organizations need to utilize a multitude of tools to guide their transformation with a system of continuous improvement. Powered by a robust analytics engine, the Plutora Platform does just that by identifying constraints, using metrics as a system for continuous improvement, and providing the ability to manage the metrics for any pipeline, development style or tooling to achieve greater business outcomes through enhanced data-driven decisions.

With the richest sets of reports and metrics and most versatile dashboards in the industry, the updated Plutora Platform opens up avenues to improvement through analytics that weren’t previously accessible. Value stream flow metrics are an industry standard means to evaluate the efficiency of software delivery pipelines, the type of work being performed, and spotlight areas for improvement. Combining value stream flow metrics with DevOps and other metrics give a complete view of the maturity of the software factory.

The deeper integration into planning tools adds to the common data model by enriching the data within it with a complete time series and change history. Product leaders can utilize enterprise-class analytics and reporting tools to achieve complete visibility across the entire portfolio and produce data that can identify trends and patterns in the software development process with time-based analytics.

“DevOps has long been about workflows and automation; there are many choices and many techniques that have evolved over the last 10+ years to accomplish this,” said Bob Davis, CMO, Plutora. “It is clear that DevOps is now about data. The imperative is to integrate all of the data from the tools, the teams, and the processes that exist across the entire software release portfolio - from idea to cash. The Plutora Platform is delivering on this. We are in fact a software development data platform, and it comes together in the analysis and display of our rich set of metrics and dashboards that provide organizations with the insight they need to deliver the most value to their customers through their development efforts."

“By adding value stream flow metrics to its newly enhanced platform, Plutora is harnessing the measurements that the technology industry really needs,” said Helen Beal, chair of the Value Stream Management Consortium. “Value stream flow metrics are a core industry standard for VSM which provide organizations with the most information available from a work optimization perspective. The data has always been available through the delivery pipeline and in the DevOps toolchain, but the challenge has been extracting the large amounts of information produced by the diverse range of tools used across teams within organizations. As extreme amounts of data are amassed, teams can now make use of it at scale by applying the value stream flow metrics in the Plutora Platform. This is the future of value streams achieving actionable insights and improving customer value delivery through their digital products.”

“Using data to make informed decisions about software delivery is the way of the future,” said Tony Mongiovi, director of release management at Healthfirst. “The data and analytics provided from Plutora’s new capabilities have helped Healthfirst develop tactics that keep the focus on optimizing our software delivery allowing us to deliver more value with higher quality to our providers and 1.76 million members. The insights have been invaluable to helping us deliver more, faster and with higher quality releases while working remotely through an unprecedented pandemic.”

Learn more about the Value Stream Management Flow Dashboard here.


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Plutora, the market leader of value stream management solutions for enterprise IT improves the speed and quality of software development by capturing, visualizing, and analyzing metrics throughout the delivery process. Plutora manages and orchestrates releases across mixed methodologies, manages hybrid test environments, and manages go-live events. The Plutora Platform ensures organizational alignment of software development with business strategy with complete visibility, control, and contextual analytics, guiding continuous improvement through the measured outcomes of each effort.

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