Accelerate Roadmap to Release: Value Stream Management for Product Managers

Solutions Briefs

How Product Managers Benefit from VSM

Product Managers are challenged to deliver the features and offerings that customers want most quickly. To achieve the fastest time to value and utilize limited technical resources wisely, product teams need more outstanding communication with engineering and fewer delays due to errors and testing bottlenecks. That’s where Value Stream Management saves the day - by improving velocity and keeping your CI/CD pipeline running smoothly. Here’s how it works: First, VSM provides better visibility and collaboration among and across teams while reducing manual work. Providing automation and empowering teams with self-service access to resources and information is game-changing. When release managers, test environment managers, and deployment teams are freed from constantly updating spreadsheets, dealing with misconfigured environments, and attending time-consuming meetings, your products get delivered faster. Second, VSM’s holistic view of the development process gives you the ability to drive best practices into your processes giving you unparalleled governance as well as ensuring you maintain compliance with all necessary processes. This approach helps to avoid delays that can creep in at the eleventh hour - effectively shifting left all of your process requirements, including security.Third, VSM helps you focus on delivering value to the customer by tracking exactly what features make it to production and providing dashboards to guide you every step. Not only can you check the real-time status of your projects throughout the delivery pipeline, but every member of the software delivery team can access the data they need, from development-oriented DORA metrics to team-focused flow metrics, to business metrics that the leadership team wants most.Delivering new products, services, and features to customers quickly while maintaining quality is the key to growing market share in a competitive environment. Value Stream Management turns an arduous and bumpy product development process into a streamlined journey toward continuous improvement.