Test Environment Management is Critical to Advancing Digital Transformations

Digital transformations fueled by Agile and DevOps are pushing beyond the limits of traditional testing methods. Organizations are releasing more frequently with much shorter lead times.  As software delivery ramps up towards accelerated continuous delivery (CD) with automated delivery pipelines, quality release decisions depend on having comprehensive, reliable test results rapidly.  The demand becomes even more critical as organizations that are already well into their transformation journeys need to continue to reach greater scale and higher levels of performance for their DevOps and continuous delivery, or risk stalling their transformations. In this book by Marc Hornbeek, he explains why Test Environment Management is critical to success with digital transformations and explains how TEM solutions, such as the TEM capabilities included in Plutora’s Value Stream Management platform, help organizations cut through bottlenecks and plateaus to achieve higher levels of DevOps and continuous delivery performance.