The ROI of Plutora Environment Management


Why you need to intelligently manage your environments

  • 40 to 20 Number of Annual Production Releases (NAPR)

  • 269% to 414% Four-Year ROI (based on NAPR)

  • 5-10 Months Breakeven Point in Year One (based on NAPR)

  • $1.2M to $6.8M Four-Year Net Benefit (based on NAPR)

Managing preproduction environments is the key to ensuring efficient application development and effective management of an application’s SDLC. Plutora’s environment management (Plutora) is the leading environment management tool in the industry.1 Empirical research and advanced analytics were used to develop a multidimensional ROI model for Plutora.

This ROI model showed how ROI varied by the number of annual production releases that large enterprises performed over a four-year time horizon. EMA’s random survey of environment managers at 159 large North American enterprises included 52 who used Plutora as their primary environment management tool. This survey was used as the basis for quantifying the benefits driven by Plutora. The number of annual production releases (NAPR) by respondents ranged from 40 to 240, with a mean of 80. One of the most important findings in this research was that the ROI for Plutora was positive and increasing across every level of NAPR and year. This means that the breakeven occurs in year one. This also means that Plutora is providing a highly scalable solution to environment management, with net benefits that scale with production release volume and net costs that are relatively fixed.

The ROI for Plutora across the four-year time horizon was 269% at 40 NAPR and increased to 414% at 240 NAPR. Breakeven occurs in year one and takes 10 months at 40 NAPR and decreases to 5 months at 240 NAPR. The four-year total net benefits delivered by Plutora are $1,175,684 at 40 NAPR and scale up to $6,792,678 at 240 NAPR.