Unlocking Advanced Data Analysis: Tableau's Augmented Analytics in Plutora


This is a demonstration of Tableau's augmented analytics engine embedded within Plutora. Tableau has integrated machine learning models and natural language capabilities into its data engine. In 2023, an update to Tableau in Plutora introduced additional features, including: Ask Data: This feature allows users to query underlying data behind generated reports. Users can ask questions in plain English without needing to understand the data query language. They can create custom queries and save them for future use. Explain Data: This feature employs machine learning to analyze data patterns and anomalies. When users select data points on a chart, Explain Data provides insights into the data, identifying factors or dimensions that may not be immediately apparent. It helps users discover hidden trends and patterns. These features enhance data analysis and reporting capabilities, making it easier to derive insights from data collected in Plutora. The machine learning capabilities in Tableau improve data analysis efficiency and effectiveness. Overall, these enhancements provide users with a more intuitive and powerful way to explore and analyze data within Plutora, ultimately improving decision-making and data-driven insights.