Tailored Solutions for Every Manager in Software Delivery

Whether you're spearheading DevOps, orchestrating release management, overseeing environments, managing deployments, or guiding product strategy, Plutora provides a suite of tools designed to address the unique challenges faced by managers in software delivery.


Role-Specific Advantages with Plutora

DevOps Manager

Plutora empowers you with centralized controls and end-to-end visibility, enhancing collaboration and removing bottlenecks. This leads to increased speed and quality in project delivery.

How can Plutora help streamline our CI/CD pipeline?

Can Plutora enhance our collaboration across different teams?

How does Plutora ensure compliance with industry standards?

How can Plutora improve the traceability of our DevOps processes?

Release Managers

Accelerate your releases with Plutora’s analytics and insights. You'll have the tools to guide continuous improvement and evolve your enterprise's DevOps practices.

How does Plutora support planning and executing complex releases?

What kind of analytics does Plutora provide for release management?

Can Plutora help in reducing the release downtime?

How does Plutora help in managing cross-functional team contributions to a release?

Environment Managers

Gain complete control over your Test Environment Management with an integrated view of configurations, allocations, and bookings, ensuring optimized utilization and reduced chaos.

How can we better manage and allocate test environments with Plutora?

Is it possible to track environment changes and their impact on testing with Plutora?

Can Plutora help reduce environment-related delays in our software delivery process?

Does Plutora support the optimization of environment usage to reduce costs?

Deployment Managers

Streamline complex deployments with Plutora's centralized command center. Reduce risks, eliminate long weekends, and enable smooth cutovers through automation and advanced tooling.

How does Plutora assist in the automation of deployment processes?

Can Plutora provide a way to manage deployment schedules across multiple teams?

How can Plutora help in reducing the risks associated with deployments?

How does Plutora facilitate the management of emergency rollbacks and hotfixes?

Product Managers

Deliver features faster and improve quality with Plutora. Avoid delays, reduce errors, and maximize value delivery with comprehensive views into your software delivery pipeline.

How can Plutora help product managers prioritize and track feature development?

Does Plutora offer insights into the product delivery pipeline to help improve decision-making?

Can Plutora aid in enhancing communication between stakeholders and the product management team?

How does Plutora assist in gathering and incorporating customer feedback into the product development process?

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.