Simplify Enterprise Software Delivery

Delivering enterprise software is complex. Plutora makes it easy.

How Plutora Works in 4 Steps

Plutora, Value Stream Management Platform, fills the gap between business goals and software development, reducing time-to-value.

Plutora Developers Working

Creating a Single Source of Truth

Integrate the data of your current software delivery toolset into Plutora. Without the need for big changes, developers and testers can focus solely on doing great work.


Unify Toolchains in Real-Time

Align concurrent work across teams independent of methodologies or geographies, synchronizing data between your existing tools into a common data model.Learn More

Plutora Managers

Giving Full Control, Visibility and Automation

The orchestration layer gives managers complete control of multiple pipelines from idea to production. Automate, standardize and orchestrate complex releases, reducing risk.
Release Managemnet

Release Management and Orchestration

Scope and orchestrate application delivery across the entire enterprise portfolio.Learn More

Test Environment Management

Test Environment Management

Orchestrate environment configurations and bookings across releasesLearn More

Deployment Planning

Deployment Planning

Manage deployment planning, tracking, and execution with predictable Go-Live orchestrationLearn More

Plutora Digital Business

​Enabling a Smart Digital Business

Get advanced KPIs, metrics and predictive analytics of your complete software delivery process to empower your digital business. You can’t continuously improve what you don’t measure.


Measure and Track KPIs

Data analytics, predictive modeling, and visualizations turn structured data into rich, contextual insightsLearn More

Continuous Improvement

Continuously Improve

Enact local or global level changes and track progress based on the measured outcomes of each effort


Governance And Compliance

Manage end-to-end governance and compliance utilizing criteria gates and audit history to manage your risk profile.

Plutora Reduce Time to Value

Reducing Time-to-Value

With a complete view of your software delivery process, you can identify choke-points, eliminate waste, increase efficiency and reduce time-to-value, giving you a competitive advantage.

Value Stream Management

Combine people, process, and technology that maps, optimizes, visualizes, and governs business value flow.Learn More

Speed up your Digital Transformation

Aggregated metrics enable management of delivery from a system level, eliminating waste and ensuring alignment with value delivery.

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