Every Agile and DevOps vendor promises improved speed and quality.

Why is Plutora Different? Reinvented Enterprise Application Delivery

We offer a complete Value Stream Management solution

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Getting Agile + DevOps adoption to scale at enterprise levels in order to control, manage, and deliver software products continuously requires more than ad hoc integration of tools, Excel sheets, and manual handoffs between continuous delivery stakeholders. As a leader of application delivery, you must support product owners in maximizing value delivered, eliminate waste where possible, and increase end-to-end delivery agility while keeping quality high.

The Plutora Platform is the most complete solution that correlates data from your best-of-breed toolchain with our management tools ensuring end-to-end continuous delivery.

We Address the Core Challenges of Digital Transformation

Visibility Complete Portfolio

In the digital transformation journey, existing teams re-form into autonomous cross functional groups defining and delivering software through increasingly automated pipelines. The business struggles to maintain visibility and alignment across the portfolio – leading to further management problems and stalled delivery.

Plutora solves these challenges with complete visibility into all delivery pipelines regardless of their technology, toolchain or development methodology. Aggregated metrics enable management of delivery from a system level eliminating waste and ensuring alignment with value delivery. Weak management and improvement methods are replaced with metrics-driven outcomes.

We Enable Hybrid Everything

Value Stream Management Hybrid

Managing IT delivery in the enterprise means reconciling with teams that are diverse in nearly every aspect of software development. Fragmented practices in technology, tools and process can limit efficiency, speed and quality.

Plutora abstracts and correlates the tools and practices that are much more than simple integration tools. The business ensures alignment and governance while enabling teams to utilize best-of-breed tools, architectures, development methodologies and mixtures of automation. Plutora bridges the gaps between teams improving collaboration, speed and efficiency while incorporating compliance. We help you provide the highway and let your teams choose what and how to drive.

We Provide Metrics Driven Value Delivery

Without measurement, how do you know if you are improving or where to focus future improvements?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Peter Drucker

Plutora enhances data correlated across the toolchain with pre-built analytics and metrics focusing on the key factors of your performance. Visualize broad metrics to evaluate software delivery as a system to drive out waste and compare your value stream map between teams and against their own history. Start with key performance and stability metrics (i.e Deployment Frequency, Cycle Time, MTTR, & Failure Rates) and then dive deeper looking for time based trends, team comparisons and what-if analysis to evaluate where to improve. Experience our analytics that include pre-built visualizations that far surpass any kind of “snapshot” type report.

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