AI Innovation: 8 Benefits for Digital Marketing

Oct 5, 2022

With artificial intelligence being what it is today, can you really afford not to use it for digital marketing? Marketers today leverage it for everything from customer research to support bots to social media scheduling. It’s been a source of hype for the last few decades and the interest in it only seems to be accelerating. 

According to GrandViewResearch, the global AI market size is expected to reach $136.6 billion by the end of 2022, compared to only $93.5 billion in 2021. In the US alone, the AI market share is expected to grow to $190.61 billion just 3 years from now. 

This is an incredibly strong sign that should be investing heavily in artificial intelligence to improve your marketing campaigns. In this article, you’ll learn how AI can help bring your marketing goals to fruition. 

1. Content moderation for marketing benefits

Moderating digital content is exhausting and never-ending. Every good marketing strategy includes loads of content to be published on sites, social channels, and more. Continuous errors ruin credibility, as well as ranking, so companies work hard to make their content error-free. 

This is where Levity comes into the picture. In their guide on how to use AI for marketing benefits, they’ve listed content moderation and generation as the top benefit of this technology. They are right to do so - automation can do wonders in detecting errors, generating information, and organizing data. 

Levity has a content moderation feature that allows users to search through a large amount of text and content in the form of visuals. This frees up a tremendous amount of time for the marketing teams and ensures that the content is error-, as well as bias-free. 

Automate what you couldn't before


2. Real-time insights for better decision making

One of the biggest benefits of using artificial intelligence for marketing is the access to research data it offers. Thanks to AI, marketing teams can now automate the data-gathering process and analyze information to see where their current campaign takes them. 

Market research and AI-sourced analytics can now mine your data to provide a ton of actionable insights. You can use AI to check how big of an audience you have and how it has grown over time. You can use it to see how your audience interacts with your content, track their behaviors and learn what triggers a purchasing decision. On top of that, you can use it to collect valuable customer feedback by creating and conducting surveys. 

With all of this important information in your hands, the decision-making process gets much easier, not to mention more effective. After all, it’s much better to take action based on actual data rather than on predictions and hunches!

3. Personalization at its best

Personalization is key to high user satisfaction. According to 98% of marketers, personalization is one of the most important parts of a marketing campaign. Still, personalizing your content and other marketing features for each user individually is extremely challenging, if not impossible when you have a wide audience.

This is why the majority of brands these days aim toward digital transformation for better UX. This ‘digital transformation is based on user data, which is organized and made coherent by artificial intelligence tools. 


Thanks to AI, you can now segment your audience based on their behaviors, trends in the market, and surveys. Then, you can use the segments to create personalized, relevant messages, product recommendations, and designs that appeal to your buyer persona. 

The more personalized your marketing campaign, the more your brand resonates with its audience. As a result, you can expect more sales and conversions.

4. Smart categorization of prospects and leads

Not every website visitor will convert into a customer. Quite frequently, the majority of a website’s traffic is composed of people that never make a purchase or sign up for the newsletter. To be fair, there’s no brand out there that can turn every lead into a conversion. Many are on the web simply to search and consider their options or don’t know what they are looking for just yet. 

However, there are ways to increase the number of conversions by categorizing your prospects and leads. If your content marketing strategy is not as good as it should be, or you are targeting the wrong audience, you’ll often get low-quality leads on your pages. 

You might need to improve your CTAs or use a different social media platform to promote your business. Either way, AI can help you segment your audience and learn who you need to target - and how. Using this, you can improve your content, target the right audience, and promote your brand in the right places. 

5. Lower cart abandonment rates

Are too many customers abandoning your cart? This is a major problem for many businesses today. According to Baymard, the rate of cart abandonment today is 70%. Some of the reasons for this happening are lack of payment methods, concerns for privacy, complicated checkouts, etc. 

Now let’s say that you install an AI-powered chatbot. Customers can use it to navigate their shopping journey without waiting, which will remove some of the bottlenecks. The chatbot can also answer their questions and remove their doubts about the company’s privacy policy, tell them what payment methods you offer them, etc. 

6. Smarter and more effective advertising

Most social platforms today have built-in advertising systems that help you automate and schedule posts, replies, etc. Other AI tools can generate captions and images based on your needs, while there are tools that will analyze your ads’ performance and make smart recommendations. 

Artificial intelligence is indispensable when it comes to advertising. AI analyses how your ads progress and who checks them, and will help you allocate your funds to the ads that actually work. You can use it to target prospects with the right messages, at the right time, and get more conversions in return. 


7. Smart predictions for the future

Predicting the future can turn your business around and bring you more success than ever. If only we could look into a magic ball and see what will be trending a month, or a year from now. 

Now we are catching glimpses of that future, and it’s all thanks to artificial intelligence!

Companies today are throwing their money at artificial intelligence. AI can gather a great deal of data and analyze it efficiently with precision and without bias, yielding comprehensive predictions quickly.

Right now, AI has an important role in predicting the future. When businesses use it, predictive algorithms provide them with insights that will improve their marketing strategy and help them stay ahead of the competition. 

This in itself, is a reason to invest in AI.

8. Bots and AI chats for improved UX

One of the best things that AI offers marketers is the opportunity to automate communication with customers. Many businesses adopt digital transformation with the intent of modernizing communication with their users. 

Approximately 24% of enterprises these days use chatbots, and this number is growing at an accelerating rate. Customers today don’t have time to spare, so they expect brands to be available at all times. 

While you might be making sales without a chatbot, you’ll acquire and retain more customers if you introduce this feature in addition to your current customer support option. Many common questions can be answered by bots, which will eliminate the need to wait in long queues. 

Even if your chatbot cannot always answer customers' questions, you can always offer them traditional support options in addition to the bot. 

As time progresses, chatbots advance in terms of features and capabilities. According to research, chatbots are predicted to reach $1.25 billion by 2025. 

AI is the present and future of marketing!

As you can see, many marketing tasks are facilitated - or even automated - fully thanks to this technology. There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence has a positive impact on marketing campaigns. If you dedicate enough funds to it and use the right set of tools, AI can fully transform your strategy and bring you amazing results. 

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Ready to improve your software delivery process?

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Experience how Plutora accelerates software production without compromising quality.

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Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora

Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora