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Business Value of a Release

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A large focus of Project Management is implementing the highest priority market driven and customer related needs that result in the greatest return on investment for them. Releases are driven by business value and the risk to the operational state of a business. It’s important for a business to ensure that releases both add value as per original scoping requirements and deliver in line with business priorities.

Understanding the business value of a release is important for a business in order to obtain funding and prioritize projects in an release cycle.

The value of an Release project can essentially be measured by these criteria being applied against all projects that form part of it

  • Will it increase income?
  • Will it decrease costs?
  • Will it bring in customers?
  • Will it stop existing customers leaving?
  • Will it increase spend from existing customers?

During the scoping stages of a release it is important for the business requirements to be signed off and finalized. Once this is done an organization can accurately measure the ROI of all projects so that prioritization of projects can occur and it can be determined if they are to be assigned to a release.

Once a release has gone live the value of the release should then be measured to see if the project benefits in the business phase match up against the actual benefit that is realized. Businesses may use their own metrics to determine how they measure this value. Once the actual business value of a project is determined a business may be able to refine the criteria applied to determine how the value of a project in the solution definition phase.