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Capgemini’s ‘Smart Foundry’ Taps Plutora For Innovation in Value Stream Management

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According to Capgemini’s World Quality Report 2019-20, the widespread adoption of agile and DevOps methodologies, the need for Quality Assurance (QA) orchestration and its impact on enterprises are on the rise. The report points out that many organizations are focused on the need to build an intelligent, connected ecosystem that is flexible and self-sustaining; that keeps pace with the rapid pace of change. We certainly see the necessity of an infrastructure to keep up with transformation and have developed an entire platform to manage it.

To keep pace with this rapidly evolving transformation, Capgemini has announced the launch of its ‘Smart Foundry.’ Smart Foundry serves as an end-to-end non-production environment platform providing multi-premises, cloud agnostic, domain centric solution and includes Plutora’s value stream management (VSM) solution in it. Built in partnership with Nutanix’s automated multi-cloud application management framework, Capgemini’s Smart Foundry is designed to deliver continuous quality solutions to reduce time-to-market and cost for application deployments.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing every industry, and Plutora is happy to form strategic partnerships with companies like Capgemini that are at the forefront of innovation so that together we can address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms.

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Software drives innovation and VSM is helping drive this innovation for Capgemini. By adding Plutora’s sophisticated environment orchestration and provisioning capabilities to Capgemini’s Smart Foundry, the visibility and intelligence provides a complete environment management solution. To compete in today’s constantly changing landscape, organizations must focus on driving successful outcomes and increasing business value, and VSM is essential in that pursuit. Capgemini is the latest organization to recognize this fact in building their holistic environment management.

Plutora’s complete pre-production environment management solution provides internal and external environment teams one place to collaborate on and view environment bookings and configurations. It supports the intake of booking requests, change requests and allocations, and helps detect and manage conflicts and provide visibility for all stakeholders. As part of Smart Foundry, Plutora gives users the ability to select from a list of available Nutanix Calm blueprints and the system will orchestrate the provisioning of the appropriate environment, automatically. The integration of Plutora will also allow users to create a Change Request that will orchestrate the provisioning of synthesized test data.

Plutora is committed to continuing to deliver market leading solutions for Capgemini and countless organizations in the future. Moreover, we see that the overall growth of the VSM market and the corresponding innovation and adoption of the tools will play a fundamental role in accelerating digital transformation across the globe.

Bob Davis
Bob Davis

Bob brings to Plutora more than 30 years of engineering, marketing and sales management experience with high technology organizations from emerging start-ups to global 500 corporations. Before joining Plutora, Bob was the Chief Marketing Officer at Atlantis Computing, a provider of Software Defined and Hyper Converged solutions for enterprise customers. He has propelled company growth at data storage and IT management companies including Kaseya (co-founder, acquired by Insight Venture Partners), Sentilla, CA, Netreon (acquired by CA), Novell and Intel.