Customer experience drives Plutora in product and in practice

Apr 22, 2020

Customer service is a crucial aspect of

Plutora’s offering and is what drives us to provide the best solution to our

own customers. Today, as the world faces a global  pandemic, customer service has never been

more important. While healthcare workers and government officials are on the

frontline striving to keep people healthy and protected from COVID-19,

businesses across every sector are trying to instantly adapt to working

remotely so that they can push forward in this new normal that we’re being

forced to accept.

For many, this will be an unprecedented

challenge – for software development teams managing the process of getting

updates through the pipeline and out to customers quickly has suddenly become a

bigger obstacle now that teams are working remotely and no longer have any

face-to-face interactions. For some applications, such as those used by

healthcare organizations, these updates could 

mean the difference between life and death.

During this time, all of us at Plutora want to

reassure our customers that we’re here for you, as you come to rely more on our

assistance to deliver high quality software while navigating the difficulties of

the working-from-home mandate.

One of the pillars of our organization is our

people-first initiative – our services are centered around the importance of

customer experience and enabling businesses to successfully progress on their

digital transformation journey despite the confusion of the world around us.

Our service, Value Stream Management (VSM), is driven by customer experience.

The concept is based on using customer feedback to ensure that businesses can

make the necessary changes to their products that will deliver the greatest

benefit for their customers. All businesses right now need to provide optimal

services – VSM can help these businesses make the right decisions and implement

them with less waste and risk. Here at Plutora, we understand the importance of

customer experience through working with our own customers, and we know how

vital it is for businesses to be able to offer the same great level of service


One of

our customers, Anthony Mongiovi, Director, Change & Release Management, explains why he feels that

Plutora’s customer service makes his life easier:

“Plutora provides visibility and awareness across the entire organization of our end to end release process, status and plans. In a time when 100% of our workforce is remote, timely access to all of this information is critical. The Plutora Customer Success Team (Tamer) and Support Team (especially Billy and Justin) have continued to provide quick responses to all problems and even requests while they themselves are remote. It’s really just been business as usual while the world is in chaos around us.”

Plutora’s company-wide dedication to excellent customer experience is reflected in our very own Mukund Singh, chief customer officer, who has been recognized as an Executive of the Year in the 2020 Excellence in Customer Service Awards. We couldn’t be prouder of this achievement, and it highlights how as a company we value the service that we provide our customers as a top priority. Mukund is a model of excellent customer service – his determination to support our customers is part of his DNA, and this is what the award has only served to emphasize. For the full press release on this award win, you can find it here.

Ready to improve your software delivery process?

Ready to improve your software delivery process?

Experience how Plutora accelerates software production without compromising quality.

Experience how Plutora accelerates software production without compromising quality.

Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora

Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora

Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora