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Plutora Blog - Test Environment Management

Launching our Test Environment Manager Solution

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When we founded Plutora, we sought to provide a simple and transparent way for organizations to manage their releases and reduce delay. Our customers have told us that delays in the test environments management process are costly and time-consuming, ultimately delaying time-to-market for their software releases. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce the release of our new Test Environment Manager.

Environment issues in non-production environments can cause up to 40% of the lost time on IT projects. Often, these non-production environments are loosely managed, resulting in utilization contention and schedule delays.

Test Environment Manager

will provide comprehensive pre-production environment management capability by clearly identifying the environments used during all release phases within an organization. Furthermore, Test Environment Manager will identify how environments are used, what their relationship is to a particular release, and help spot any potential resource contention between environment usage.

As the only vendor on the market who brings together enterprise release management and enterprise environment management into one single, comprehensive SaaS-based solution, Plutora is now helping enterprises improve the quality, availability, and efficiency of their pre-production environments.

Improving these environments not only helps organizations meet important release milestones but also reduce time-to-market and cost. With Plutora, test environment managers can now effectively manage all layers of standalone and integrated environments, all through the cloud.

We’re excited to begin helping organizations regain the lost productivity brought on by spreadsheet sprawl and poor collaboration between delivery and operations teams with Test Environment Manager.

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