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Plutora Co-Founds VSMC to Help Organizations Deliver Value Through the Advancement of Value Stream Management

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Today’s announcement of the Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC) is an exciting and significant milestone in the evolution of software delivery. The VSMC is being launched to help organizations improve performance and drive customer value through the adoption of value stream management (VSM). We are extremely excited about our position as a co-founder, along with fellow industry leaders, HCL Software, ServiceNow, and Tasktop.

While the VSM industry is booming, it’s still in its infancy, and we know that great things aren’t built alone. That’s why we’ve come together with other industry experts to help practitioners and organizations delight customers by delivering software products that provide and create value through VSM practices.

The consortium will serve as a central hub of information and education pertaining to the practice and adoption of value stream management. It will conduct research to inform how organizations measure value and achieve better results. Future available training and certifications will also support member collaboration worldwide while helping make VSM the industry standard way of working.

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Guiding an organization through a digital transformation journey is a daunting task and can feel like being pulled in a million directions. Working with the VSMC to emphasize the importance of VSM practices to as wide a market as possible will benefit what’s most important to every organization, delivering value to customers. The customer is key, and VSM is an essential ingredient in enabling and empowering software development teams to consistently exceed their expectations.

Joining the consortium was a no-brainer for us, as Plutora has been here in the VSM space from the beginning. In its infancy, the VSM category fit what Plutora was already delivering, and thus, we feel a responsibility as one of the founders of the space to further grow its message.

Being a founding member means you define the solution’s capabilities so customers see its benefit. Once it’s been defined, the next step is to evangelize and educate the public. The creation of the VSMC is the next logical step in that process for us.

To learn more about the consortium, visit the VSMC website here. If you’d like to contribute to our first research project, The State of Value Stream Management, you can also complete the survey here.