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Plutora Recognized as a DevOps Dozen and DevOps Industry Awards Finalist

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It’s shaping up to be an exciting and rewarding awards season! We’re honored that Plutora has been recognized as a finalist in two categories in the DevOps Dozen awards, as well as a finalist in two categories in the UK DevOps Industry Awards. recently unveiled the finalists for its yearly DevOps Dozen awards, and Plutora is in the top groups for the Best Article of the Year and Best Value Stream Management Tool. puts out some of the most informative articles about the industry every day, so it is an honor that Jeff Keyes’ article “How to Achieve a Converged Toolchain” is among the best.

As you know, value stream management has emerged as one of the most important tools for creating business value in DevOps and application development. The Best Value Stream Management Tool award recognizes the VSM tool that most effectively helps visualize the value stream, track metrics and measure improvement.

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DevOps Online UK also announced that Plutora has been named a finalist as a Leading DevOps Vendor and for the Best Overall DevOps Project. The Leading DevOps Vendor award recognizes vendor organizations and service providers who receive top marks for their product/service and customer service. The Best Overall DevOps Project is awarded to the organization with the best DevOps project in the communication sector.

“It’s a wonderful achievement to be named as a finalist in two different categories for these awards. The number of entrants this year further demonstrates that the world needs VSM to help enterprises deliver value to their customers,” said Dalibor Siroky, co-founder and CEO at Plutora. “It’s also a testament to what we’ve built here at Plutora and validation of the work we are doing.”

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