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Release Management at Scale Means Integration with Every Tool

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jengaHow many issue trackers does your organization run?  How about change management systems?  If you are a large organization, the answer’s probably more than a handful due to the way business grows through mergers and acquisitions. When managing a release driven by projects using separate issue trackers most retreat to spreadsheets to create a common picture of release status.

With Plutora you don’t have to do that.  Just use our software to integrate with the source systems and bring information together to create a single, unified view of your releases and your environments.

Many Teams, Many Systems
You take an organization used to practicing waterfall and transform it over the course of a decade to an organization that has fully embraced Agile, and it’s likely that you are running every issue tracker known to mankind.  As Agile has grown up over the last few years so have the tools.  As tools like JIRA and Rally continue to evolve and mature a large corporation with several business units often runs multiple copies of each system.

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Maybe you’ve standardized on JIRA to track issues or support request?  Maybe you’ve adopted Rally to manage all an agile software development practice? Or, maybe you have a mixture of newer tools such as Trac, Pivotal Tracker, or something like Trello to track individual team status.   But, if you are a large company acquiring other companies you understand what it means to run several of these systems at once. 

You also understand the futility and risk associated with asking teams to switch tools “mid-stream.” Maybe your front-end groups prefer to use a tool like Rally and that highly effective services group responsible for accounting uses Trello even though your corporate standard is JIRA.   Release managers are pragmatic and most understand that teams often require different tools for different projects.

At Plutora Integration is Our Focus
At Plutora we understand this.  We understand that the modern enterprise might been running several independent issues tracks or change management systems at once, and we also understand that in this situations bringing information together – assembling release status across disparate systems is the kind of challenge that can add millions of dollars of wasted time and effort to your department.

We’ve designed our software to work with anything.  Integration at the enterprise level is always a challenge, and it is our first priority to make sure that our customers are surprised by how easy it is to get data to Plutora and to get data from Plutora. Plutora wasn’t designed to replace a JIRA or a ServiceNow or a Rally.  It was designed to integrate and amplify the existing you use to produce quality software.

When it comes to portfolio management, change control, source control, or issue track – if your company uses it there’s a good chance that we support it, and if we don’t have integration out of the box Plutora offers an API to encourage this integration, and our teams are ready to assist.

We integrate, we don’t dictate.  You’re in control of your release process.
Plutora doesn’t show up one day and tell you how your release process should work.  With our software you take the time to understand how your release processes works knowing that our software is there to integrate no matter how complex or challenging the integration problem is. We work with the software and systems you depend on and we take valuable information from disparate systems and bring it together to give executives and management the information they need to assess release management and environment management efforts.

dalibor siroky
Dalibor Siroky

Dalibor is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Plutora. He has 15 years of leadership, consulting, enterprise product, and operations experience across Australia, Asia and Europe. He has proven ability to build high performance teams, turn around situations, develop innovative products, and create lasting value. Prior to Plutora, Dalibor was founder and managing director of Finotaur, a leading provider of independent management consulting services. Before that he served as CIO of financial advisory software at Macquarie Bank, head of solution architecture at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Dalibor got his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Follow him on Twitter @DaliborSiroky.