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Inaugural State of Value Stream Management Report Released by Value Stream Management Consortium

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Today’s publication of the full findings of the inaugural State of Value Stream Management Report from the Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC) is a benchmark moment for the software development industry and the emerging market category of value stream management. And it’s one we are proud to have participated in. The research offers a snapshot of where the industry stands and establishes a baseline for future reports on adoption trends in the VSM market, so we can measure changes in the industry and answer our fundamental question, “is value stream management working?”

The research focuses on four core areas:

  1. How teams are organizing around value streams
  2. What discoveries are being made through value stream mapping
  3. What types of inspections and adaptations are occurring due to flow efficiency analysis
  4. How teams are measuring and then acting on value realization

In March, Plutora co-founded the Value Stream Management Consortium along with fellow industry leaders to help organizations improve performance and drive customer value through the adoption of value stream management (VSM). From the beginning, the goal of the VSMC has been to inform anyone involved in software delivery how organizations measure value and achieve better results.

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The approach we committed to within the consortium was to create a central hub for information and education about VSM through research that will inform how organizations measure value. This report is the first step and helps us better understand a marketplace that has the potential to push the industry forward and raise organizational performance.

As the report states, it’s designed to provide visibility into “how the industry is organizing around value streams and establishes how value stream-centric roles are emerging. It explores how teams are leveraging value stream mapping to advance their agile and DevOps implementations and the differences between mapping and management.” It also establishes “a clear view of the long-term vision and goals of the movement.”

The research will be a multi-year journey with this being just the beginning. In the years to come we will be able to use this report as a point of reference to see changes in the industry, how VSM is being utilized, what successes it has achieved and more.

One thing is clear, teams that adopt value stream management practices are higher performing.

In the meantime, in August the VSMC will be launching the first step on our learning journey: the Value Stream Management Foundation course, which will be available online and free to all members.

To learn more about the Consortium, visit the VSMC website here.
Read the research here.