Now Available: Test Environment Management QuickStart – the Newest Member of our Popular QuickStart Family

Mar 1, 2023

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We are excited to release the newest member of our QuickStart family! Test Environment Management QuickStart brings immediate availability to a free trial which will put you on your way to solving one of the biggest threats to your software delivery success. 

Time and again, we find that the number one cause of delays and defects in your software delivery efforts is orchestrating and managing test environments. In fact, 53% of the World Quality Report respondents stated that test environments are not available when they are needed! 

Plutora has been a leader in the Test Environment Management market since the beginning. We have helped dozens of Global 2000 organizations get control of their environments, delivering significant savings to their organizations. We’ve seen 30x improvement in setting test environments up, not to mention speeding overall release throughput by 3.5x! We have a ton of resources for you to look over and learn everything you ever wanted to know about test environment management from Plutora.

The new QuickStart Bundle will enable smaller segments of transformation to happen, making it easier for you to see results quickly and experience positive change. Through orchestration, environment dashboards, and analytics, teams will bring clarity and see improvement start to emerge from the current chaos—one agile solution at a time.

Streamline your software delivery with Plutora!

Streamline your software delivery with Plutora!

Imagine a single dashboard managing all enterprise software delivery, boosting visibility, efficiency, and cutting costs. Experience Plutora's solutions today!

Imagine a single dashboard managing all enterprise software delivery, boosting visibility, efficiency, and cutting costs. Experience Plutora's solutions today!

Immediate payback with long-term strategic benefits

The Test Environment Management QuickStart Free Trial will get you started with the full capabilities of our powerful solution that addresses the Achilles’ heel of software development: environments that cause delays, produce bugs, and waste time and effort. Environment managers can solve those nagging problems and deliver a clear, short-term payback in gaining efficiency, removing waste, and increasing the flow of value delivered to their customers. 

These short-term gains are particularly critical given the uncertain economic backdrop that faces the global markets. A recent IDC study indicated that 48% of CxOs are reprioritizing their technology projects to favor short-term payback over longer-term projects that promise returns in the future. The beauty of the QuickStart family is that you can deliver this immediate ROI while feeling confident that your solution can grow in size and scope to address the transformation of your entire software delivery portfolio – a longer-term effort. Immediate payback with a long-term strategy built in. It’s perfect!

Test Environment Management QuickStart Bundle

With today’s free trial release, you can get started immediately with this industry-leading solution. You will get:

  • An environment schedule for full real-time visibility;

  • Handle booking and change requests while avoiding and resolving conflicts with workflows - whether your environments are on-premises or in the cloud;

  • Utilization and dependency mapping across your entire environment estate;

  • Automated notifications to team members when action is required.

Progress is immediate and value can be instantly recognized. Environment managers will be able to quickly measure improvement with analytics and manage scheduling problems through a booking process and conflict notification.

Plutora—a full feature value stream management platform—is now being made available in a bite-sized chunk that can quickly alleviate some of the immediate problems that plague software delivery teams. By attacking these early-stage problems, teams can move toward delivering higher-quality software faster with fewer resources and in less time, enabling that time to be re-invested in process improvement and advancing DevOps practices. Doing so cultivates a system of continuous improvement that can expand beyond the immediate team and put environment managers on the path to developing a world-class VSM tool and becoming a hero within the organization.

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Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora

Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora

Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora