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Value Stream Mapping Template

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Value stream maps enable organizations to see where the actual value is being added in the process, allowing them to improve on the overall efficiency associated with the delivery of a software product or feature request. Mapping exercises like this can serve as invaluable tools to enable quality process improvement discussions with team members and stakeholders.

Software Delivery Value Stream Mapping Template 

This value stream mapping template is specifically meant for software development lifecycle, hence the absence of symbols that pertain to physical goods (such as the truck symbol, supermarket symbol, etc.). For a quick overview of the basic symbols, refer to our Guide to Value Stream Mapping Symbols.

value stream mapping template

Example of Software Delivery Value Stream Mapping

value stream mapping template

Here is an example of how the template might be used for mapping the development of a software feature. In this case, C/T means Cycle Time and refers to the average amount of time it takes from the completion of one process to the completion of the next. S/T means Setup Time and refers to the amount of time needed to prepare for a given step. For software development, this can indicate the amount of time needed to understand what specifically is being requested or the time needed to configure, spin up or allocate a test environment.

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Create your own value stream map in PowerPoint with our handy template, which includes the graphics above as editable shapes, as well as a set of value stream mapping symbols to play around with.

For more on value stream mapping, check out 10 Keys to Value Stream Mapping for a comprehensive overview of the topic.