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Class is in Session! VSMC Launches its Flagship Value Stream Management Foundation Course

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The Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC) has launched a learning program that teaches attendees the ins and outs of implementing value stream management (VSM) into their organizations. Taking into account the human, process, and technology facets of VSM, The Value Stream Management Foundation Course examines how enhancing value streams for flow and realization can vastly improve organizational performance.

As a founding member of the VSMC, Plutora has always sought to foster a community that emphasizes the importance of VSM in driving customer value and optimizing performance. The VSM Foundation course is the next step in building that community by coming together through educational conversations and engagements focused on the adoption and application of VSM. It will play a major role in the VSMC’s mission to nurture and cultivate the emerging market for VSM across organizational frameworks.

The VSM Foundation course is tailor-made for individuals and teams in organizations undergoing a digital transformation or seeking to improve existing processes and performance such as developers, customer success professionals, executive leadership, and more. It is broken up into various modules that walk the learner through all aspects of VSM from its origins to its implementation across an organization while focusing on several key objectives, such as:

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Learn More
  • Describing what VSM is, why it’s needed, and its benefits to businesses
  • Identifying key concepts such as value, flow, and delivery
  • Exploring how agile, lean, DevOps, and ITSM principles add to VSM
  • Understanding flow metrics and how the data can be accessed to bolster data-driven decisions and conversations
  • And more

The course includes eight hours of instructor-led recorded training from the VSMC or sixteen hours of live instructor-led training through the DevOps Institute’s partner network. Participants are also provided with various materials to aid in their journey. Upon passing the examination at the end of the course, learners will receive a Value Stream Management Foundation certificate and digital badge, maintained and governed in partnership with the DevOps Institute.

The VSMC has worked tirelessly since its inception in March to bring awareness to the benefits of value stream management using research and resources from the VSM community. Plutora is proud to have been on board from the beginning as a founding member and to have helped bring the VSM Foundation course to fruition. There has never been a better time to explore what value stream management can do for organizations of all scopes and sizes.

To learn more about the Consortium, visit the VSMC website here. Read more about the VSM Foundation course here.