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When is ‘good enough’ not ‘good enough’

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Recently, before moving into our new home, we had a bit of work done for renovations. During this period, rather than drive two hours back and forth to let contractors in every day, I slept in the empty home on my camping mattress. It was ‘good enough’ for a few nights. I couldn’t do that for a long period of time, or my chiropractor costs would be higher than just doing the two hours of daily driving or booking a hotel nearby. The same logic is applicable in enterprise software solutions. 

When making software at enterprise scale, you can’t sleep on the floor and expect success. Sure, you can manage releases using spreadsheets or other well-known PM or ITSM tools. The core focus of these tools is not release management but they do have plugins or a table and workflow engine that can be applied to manage releases. But if your enterprise software development process involves multiple complex software delivery pipelines, a combination of waterfall and agile development methodology, a global development footprint, or industry mandated governance standards, then just good enough may not be good enough. The excessive costs of managing releases, possible delays, additional risk, quality related issues and rework would be mitigated by using Plutora. This is all the more important as organizations today are trying to manage expenses and get more done with the same (or fewer) number of FTEs. 

Plutora’s VSM platform can provide visibility into the delivery pipelines by providing a detailed Release calendar view of all releases. 

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Delivering enterprise software is complex. Plutora’s Value Stream Management Platform makes it easy.

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Release Calendar

Plutora’s Release Schedule and Insights dashboard help orchestrate and monitor progress across releases.

Release Insights
Release Schedule

The System Impact Matrix can help manage the dependency and impacts between releases and different organizations   

These are a just a few ways Plutora can help large enterprises manage their releases. If you found this blog useful and interesting and would like to learn more, please request a live demo or get a free trial.

Mukund Singh
Mukund Singh

Mukund, Plutora's Chief Customer Officer, boasts 15+ years of leading Customer Success in high tech. He steered teams through Axcient's M&A, led retention programs, and contributed at Marketo, Juniper Networks, and Ciena. MBA in Finance, MS in Industrial Engineering.