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Why Your DevOps Processes Need More Discipline

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“To keep up with increasing demand for high quality, rapid software releases, IT organizations must shift to Disciplined DevOps — an approach to software release collaboration that blends agile delivery with risk management and governance that support delivery assurance”

DevOps has become something of a buzzword in the IT community as companies craft their own definitions to suit internal needs. However, the core values of agility and collaboration in software release processes permeate every iteration of DevOps. The only problem is that demand for faster and more frequent software releases is revealing glaring holes in many DevOps strategies.

In the latest Plutora white paper, Disciplined DevOps: Blending Agility with Risk Management & Governance, we discuss the need to reign in some of the creative chaos in favor of a more disciplined approach to DevOps processes that creates a level of control over the increasing volume of software releases.

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Challenges of Undisciplined DevOps Processes

While your business is constantly demanding greater speed in release cycles, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the processes that are causing bottlenecks. With undisciplined DevOps processes, these are three common roadblocks to swift release cycles:

  • Siloed IT Professionals: Traditional IT teams naturally become siloed as practitioners specialize in certain pieces of the release process. These silos hinder collaboration and ultimately delay releases even though DevOps is supposed to streamline both.
  • Operations Gets Lost in the Mix: The contention between rapid-fire development and the operations teams that value methodical quality assurance causes ops teams to become overwhelmed by release deadlines. More defects can slip into code when developers try to meet these deadlines and operations simply can’t keep up using manual processes that aren’t interoperable with developer tools.
  • Focusing on Continuous Delivery Above All Else: Delivery isn’t the only aspect of DevOps — but sometimes the demand for speed makes it seem like it is. Undisciplined DevOps teams will quickly see an increased risk of failure if delivery trumps focus on other key areas of the release cycle.

Establishing end-to-end governance gates can help you add a much-needed element of discipline to your DevOps processes and strategy, enabling greater successes in an increasingly software-driven business world.

Enterprise Release Management — The Key to Bringing Discipline to DevOps

While DevOps ideology has sparked increased use of automated solutions for various IT teams, there hasn’t been an answer to automation of the overarching delivery process. With an enterprise release management solution, you can achieve insight into your DevOps processes that enables release managers to truly streamline development and QA.

In the Discipline DevOps: Blending Agility with Risk Management & Governance white paper, you’ll discover what exactly disciplined DevOps really means, how it helps companies achieve the promise of DevOps despite increasing speed/volume demands and why enterprise release management is a necessary component to make it all a reality.

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Dalibor Siroky

Dalibor is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Plutora. He has 15 years of leadership, consulting, enterprise product, and operations experience across Australia, Asia and Europe. He has proven ability to build high performance teams, turn around situations, develop innovative products, and create lasting value. Prior to Plutora, Dalibor was founder and managing director of Finotaur, a leading provider of independent management consulting services. Before that he served as CIO of financial advisory software at Macquarie Bank, head of solution architecture at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Dalibor got his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Follow him on Twitter @DaliborSiroky.