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DevOps 2021

Plutora Recognized as Top Value Stream Management Vendor by EMA

Organizations are having a hard time allocating the necessary resources to make the changes needed to commit to digital transformation. But with value stream management tools like Plutora, they can gain clear visibility of the waste that is slowing down the organization and measure the impact of the improvements on the business – allowing for full digital transformation growth.

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DevOps 2021 Report

EMA research shows a rapid maturing of DevOps as enterprises recognize the importance of software solutions in driving most aspects of their business. In particular, value stream management vendors appear to be delivering given the nearly 50% growth in penetration that is expected to occur in 2020 and over 20% growth in 2021.

April 30, 2020

DevOps 2021 Webinar

Discover key findings from the DevOps 2021 research project, EMA’s most recent research on the DevOps market. Join Steve Hendrick, research director at EMA, to get expert insights about the speed of DevOps adoption, where the DevOps market is headed, and which growth areas are likely to be most important.

January 22, 2020

EMA DevOps 2021 award

DevOps 2021 Award

Plutora has been recognized as the top vendor in the DevOps value stream management market based on the results of the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) DevOps 2021 survey. Plutora was named the leading vendor by earning the highest overall score of 93 – indicating excellence across enterprise value, product capability, product satisfaction and product penetration.

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