Release management KPIS

Use data to manage more with less

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Stand out in a DevOps world with continuous improvement of your release processes

The 10,000 ft view of your release portfolio

Increase Release Efficiency

Leverage data to identify what is working to improve your release processes for seamless releases.

Reduce Rework

Gain continuous compliance to improve the quality of your releases and to reduce rework.

Demonstrate Your Success

Generate reports in real-time that illustrate your release success over time.

Release management KPIs

Release KPI - Releases Over Time

Find trends in emergency releases

Identify and implement process improvements by viewing release trends to understand when hotfixes and patches are introduced.

Release KPI - Release Average Duration

Improve the flow of your releases

Identify potential bottlenecks in your release processes by comparing release duration by type over time.

Release KPI - Changes Over Time

Measure value delivery

Automatically view changes over time by release type to demonstrate the value delivered by your release processes.

Release KPI - PIR Item

Discover what is causing issues

Compare Post Implementation Review items to make improvements in areas that consistently cause issues during deployment.