Flow Metrics Dashboard

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Flow metrics provide a detailed landscape of your development process, offering insights to enhance productivity and predictability. Here’s a concise overview:

  • Work Item Throughput: Measures the number of work items completed in a given timeframe, indicating team productivity.

  • Avg Cycle Time: Tracks the average time taken from work commencement to completion, reflecting process efficiency.

  • Avg Flow Efficiency: Gauges the ratio of active work time against total time, highlighting areas of delay.

  • Avg Lead Time: Monitors the average time from work item conception to completion, essential for forecasting delivery.

  • Avg Work in Progress (WIP): Assesses the average number of work items in progress, useful for balancing team workload.

  • Current Work in Progress: Offers a real-time snapshot of ongoing work, helping manage team capacity.

  • Lead Time: Measures the duration from the request to delivery, indicating speed to market.

  • Cycle Time: Details the time spent actively working on items, excluding wait times.

  • Completed Work Items Distribution: Analyzes the allocation and completion rate of work items, aiding in resource allocation.

  • Average Work Load: Calculates the average amount of work handled, providing insight into potential overloads or underutilization.

  • Work Breakdown: Breaks down work into categories, allowing for targeted improvements in specific areas.

  • Flow Efficiency: Evaluates the proportion of productive work to total time, pinpointing inefficiencies.

  • Work Items Cumulative Flow: Visualizes the accumulation of work items over time, offering a view of workflow stability and backlog trends.

Leveraging these flow metrics with Plutora provides a clear path to optimizing your delivery pipeline for better results and greater predictability.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.