Deployment Planning and Management

Product Info

Deployments in large organizations can include dozens of applications across just as many or more teams. When both manual and automated activities need to be synchronized to successfully deploy, every deployment comes with significant risk.

Deployment management, as part of Plutora’s Value Stream Management Platform, helps organizations manage and minimize the risk of each and every deployment. By connecting teams regardless of applications or tracking and reporting system, Plutora unifies deployment activities into a single source of truth. This allows teams to track activities in real-time to accelerate deployments, increase success rates, and identify issues early to ensure a fast recovery.

Benefits of Deployment Planning

  1. Mitigate risks of complex deployments

  2. Plan, Automate, Rehearse, Deploy, and Review in one application

  3. Bring together all teams involved in a deployment during execution to track progress with real-time updates, notifications, checkpoints, and reports

  4. Quickly identify and respond to any deployment issues