Value Stream Management Platforms

Value stream management helps increase the value delivered to customers by optimizing the flow of work through value streams. Value stream management enables traditional organizations to make a data-driven journey in their digital transformation to continuously improve and deliver more value to their customers. To achieve this, Value stream management platforms (VSMPs) deliver 8 capabilities, which together help organizations to achieve their software goals.

Tool Integration & Interoperability

A VSMP integrates with the existing software development and delivery toolchains from idea to delivery, converging toolchains and creating bi-directional communication with tools.

Plutora has out of the box integrations to Jira, ServiceNow and Jenkins and a powerful integration hub that enables customers to easily implement new API integrations to your existing tools. These rich, bi-directional integrations in the DevOps toolchain, from idea to post-production, provide the foundation for Plutora’s VSM capabilities.