DevOps DORA Metrics - Accelerate Value Streams Flow


When responding to digital disruption, organizations are embracing DevOps practices and value stream thinking, but find it tough to measure their progress. Organizations need to find a way to make it easy to inspect team and global metrics for incremental adaptation to accelerating the flow of value through every team’s workflow or pipeline.

In this webinar, we explore how to automate transparency into the 4 key metrics for throughput and stability as defined by DORA’s Accelerate State of DevOps Reports. Join Helen Beal, DevOpsologist at Ranger4, and Jeff Keyes from Plutora for this webinar where they will teach you about the key metrics for DevOps success.

Looking through a value stream lens they will show you:

  • What the key metrics are;

  • How to make it easy for people to use them;

  • How they evolve flow over time.