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Learn how Plutora improves the software delivery process. No matter what technology, methodology or toolset.

Use Cases

Solution - Disciplined DevOps

Disciplined DevOps and Agile

DevOps and Agile practices are centered on smaller, autonomous, highly automated teams promising shorter and more frequent release cycles.

Use Case Icon - Enterprise Release Management

Enterprise Release Management

Application delivery teams are increasing release velocity to keep pace with market demands, returning value to the business faster than ever.

Use Case Icon - Analytics for Digital Transformation

Analytics for Digital Transformation

The data required to evaluate IT performance is fragmented at the release level, and essentially non-existent at the portfolio level. How can you improve if you can’t measure?

Use Case Icon - Test Environment Management

Test Environment Management

Manage environment allocation, contentions, configuration, activities, and reporting with comprehensive preproduction environment management.

Use Case Icon - Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Optimize Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Coordinating complex release trains at enterprise scale requires balancing the pace of change with the controls needed for application health and stability.

Test Management

Test Management Automation

Built with a single database schema, Plutora Test allows organizations to manage all their projects easily in a single database, unlike existing legacy solutions.


DevOps Manager

DevOps Manager

Take control of your projects with increased speed and quality. Leverage centralized controls, end-to-end views and improved collaboration to remove bottlenecks.

environment manager

Environment Manager

Get complete control of your Test Environment Management throughout the enterprise with a consolidated end-to-end view of configuration, allocation and bookings.



Reign in unnecessary expenses due to delays, inefficient processes and poor communication. Keep your enterprise teams across the globe coordinated, focused and on track.

release manager

Release Manager

Dial in Release Management perfection on complex enterprise applications of scale using a single source of truth to track, manage, orchestrate and communicate.


Plutora for telco


Release stable features faster with greater security Plutora delivers portfolio-wide visibility and control improving processes and governance to manage releases

Plutora for financial services

Financial Services

Streamline releases across multiple critical systems such as accounts, web services, and fraud detection with visibility and control across applications

Plutora for healthcare


Accelerate releases and ensure governance compliance. Plutora empowers healthcare enterprises to manage their Digital Transformation journey without compromise.