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How to improve your environment management practices

Plutora goes above and beyond in offering extensive management solutions for value streams and releases, particularly excelling in environment management. It empowers teams with a comprehensive view of their entire pipeline, enhancing transparency with build status reporting and tracking.

Understanding your pipeline

  • Teams can effortlessly track the status of builds across their software pipeline.

  • Trends are easily identifiable, providing valuable insights for quality and speed enhancements.

  • Precise information on deployed versions and their deployment times is readily available.

Optimizing resources

  • Monitoring utilization rates becomes straightforward, allowing for the reclamation of idle resources.

  • Maintenance windows can be scheduled with ease, ensuring no unexpected disruptions.

  • New builds are seamlessly linked to original change IDs, with automated alerts signaling when code is ready for testing.

Centralized data management

  • Test results are automatically stored in a central data mart, establishing a single source of truth.

  • The tedious task of compiling data for reports is eliminated, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Detailed test coverage for complex releases is easily accessible, along with progress tracking and defect identification.

Aggregated analytics and reporting

  • Data from various test tools is aggregated in Plutora, regardless of the tool used.

  • Analytical tools within Plutora generate comprehensive reports on test execution, coverage, and results.

  • Comparisons across different value streams are facilitated, enhancing insights and decision-making.

Streamlined provisioning and scheduling

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has rendered manual provisioning obsolete, a transformation that Plutora fully supports.

  • Plutora can integrate seamlessly with existing IaC tools, helping teams maintain configurations in a centralized library.

  • CI server integrations are available for on-demand build running, expediting code deployment.

  • Environment booking is transformed into a self-service provisioning request system, ensuring immediate availability without delays.

Comprehensive control and visibility

  • Plutora grants complete control over environment management across the enterprise.

  • Teams enjoy an end-to-end consolidated view, covering configuration, allocation, and bookings.

Plutora stands out as a robust solution, revolutionizing environment management by providing transparency, efficiency, and unparalleled control, ensuring that teams are equipped to deliver their best work.

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Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.