Simplify enterprise software delivery

Plutora is the only platform that connects existing toolchains in one intuitive platform for end-to-end visibility and control.

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Metric-Driven Decision Making

Measure and Track KPIs

Data analytics, predictive modeling, and visualizations turn structured data into rich, contextual insights

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Continuously Improve

Enact local or global level changes and track progress based on the measured outcomes of each effort

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  • Deployment Frequency
  • Mean Time To Recover
  • Lead time for changes
  • Change Failure Rate

Track deployment frequency of individual application or portfolio-wide releases

Visualize the average recovery times from system failures over different time intervals

Understand how the speed of delivering changes from idea to production is changing over time

Visualize the trend of deployment failures over time by application or portfolio-wide

Manage your Toolchains as One System

A Single Source Of Truth

Bring data from multiple, mixed methodology pipelines across the enterprise into a common data model 

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Unify Toolchains in Real-Time

Align concurrent work across teams independent of methodologies or geographies synchronizing data between your existing tools. 

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Identify Bottlenecks Across Your Value Stream

  • Delivery Black Box
  • Complete Visibility
  • Delivery Optimization

Without visibility into each step of developing and deploying a release, the only metrics available are manually captured milestones and the total time from idea to delivery

Mapping the value stream provides complete visibility into the application development and deployment process, identifying areas of productive work and wasteful delays

By continually reducing delays in every release effort, application development and delivery becomes increasingly more efficient, enabling a higher deployment frequency

Create a Baseline

Starting your digital transformation is simple with Plutora pinpointing bottlenecks, their impacts and causes

End-to-End Visibility

Data traceability across the enterprise enables detailed value stream mapping of every toolchain process

Powerful Management And Orchestration

Plutora enables simple orchestration of complex processes across heterogenous tools to successfully implement process improvements with greater collaboration and transparency

Plutora Release Management

Release orchestration & pipeline management

Scope and orchestrate application delivery across the entire enterprise portfolio.

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Test Environment Management

Orchestrate environment configurations and bookings across releases

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Deployment Planning

Manage deployment planning, tracking, and execution with predictable Go-Live orchestration

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Governance And Compliance

Manage end-to-end governance and compliance utilizing criteria gates and audit history to manage your risk profile as your release frequency and automation increases, including test verifications, and RACI-based notifications and approvals 

Access Enterprise-Wide Insights Instantly

From high-level strategic planning to day-to-day operations, Plutora’s role-based platform and intuitive interface delivers value daily to users across an enterprise

Release Insights

The overal risk profile of releases based on current metrics

System Impact Matrix

Insights of current releases and their associated application impacts

Release Schedule

Schedule and milestones of upcoming releases

Environments and the current status of releases scheduled to use them

Plutora Test Environment Schedule

Schedule of IT application's environment use.

Let's Improve your Software Delivery Process

The Plutora platform

Connected toolchain metrics provide visibility and insight enabling increased speed and quality of software delivery

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Customer success stories

Learn how top companies like CapitalOne, PepsiCo and Verizon improve their software delivery with Plutora

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What is value stream management?

Manage software delivery value streams across an organization to deliver higher quality software faster

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Forrester value stream management report

Learn why Forrester names Plutora a strong performer in Value Stream Management Tools

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