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Why Now Is the Time to Accelerate Delivery with Enterprise Release Management

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The rate of digital disruption is victimizing Fortune 500 companies in a way that has led to 52% of members of the list from 2000 to disappear due to mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcy. No Fortune 500 company wants to become the next Kodak, which was ranked 153rd on the list in 2005 until the age of smartphones washed over it. Recent research from Plutora has discovered that the year 2014 introduced an inflection point that marked an exponential increase in the volume of software changes. Now, in 2016, companies must choose whether they will adapt or continue to fall behind the competition at that exponential rate, Accelerate Delivery is a must.

Release Velocity (Volume of Scope and Frequency)

The graph extracted from the Plutora research highlights why now is the crucial time to implement enterprise release management. When assessing a company’s status in terms of innovation and ability to adapt to digital disruption, it’s important to determine which of the three sectors characterizes the business. Click here to read the full white paper >

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Every Business Is a Software Bussiness

The new reality is that every company relies on software both to streamline internal operations and to improve customer experiences. However, the rate of software updates is quickly outpacing the traditional means of release management that large enterprises have in place.

There are plenty of resources available to explain how to implement enterprise release management on a more technical level. From a higher-level business perspective, though, it’s time to answer the question that could make the difference between staying ahead of competition for years to come or falling far behind the curve as more innovative companies take charge and disrupt you why change release management now?

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