Plutora Announces New Release Management QuickStart Bundle

Dec 5, 2022

Free Trial and free online training will get you started immediately

They said data-driven decisions were key to successful digital transformations. They said that automating development and testing processes were vital. They said orchestrating my CICD pipelines was critical to delivering software faster to our customers. Just connect your toolchain they said, and things will improve. It’s all very straightforward, they said, maybe not easy, but straightforward.

Digital transformation is hard, with many moving parts that crisscross organizations in complex ways. Simply connecting the toolchains and normalizing processes and data among disparate teams, technologies and approaches can create huge hurdles in implementing the tools that are meant to solve those problems.

With that in mind, today we are announcing:

  • Release Management QuickStart Bundle – all you need to set up and orchestrate your release portfolio

  • A Free Trial! – Get access to your own instance to see for yourself how this will kickstart your transformation

  • Free online training – Fast-paced instruction will have you using your Release Management QuickStart instance before you know it

Streamline your software delivery with Plutora!

Streamline your software delivery with Plutora!

Imagine a single dashboard managing all enterprise software delivery, boosting visibility, efficiency, and cutting costs. Experience Plutora's solutions today!

Imagine a single dashboard managing all enterprise software delivery, boosting visibility, efficiency, and cutting costs. Experience Plutora's solutions today!

Delivering Value one Agile solution at a time

Our latest offering, the Release Management QuickStart Bundle, takes an agile approach to evolve your digital transformation. The objective is to simplify the transformation journey by offering “orchestration building blocks” that can take you as far as your strategic plans go while offering a more immediate return on investment every step of the way.  

It is FREE to get started and comes with a complete online course that will have you delivering tangible value to your organization, and ultimately to your customers, right away.

The new QuickStart Bundle will enable smaller segments of transformation to happen, making it easier for you to see results quickly and experience positive change. Through orchestration, release dashboards, and analytics, teams will bring clarity and see improvement start to emerge from the current chaos—one agile solution at a time.

Release Management QuickStart Bundle

The new Quickstart Bundle delivers all of the release management capabilities of the full Plutora Platform, paving the way to major improvements in your development efforts. You’ll be able to visualize your release schedule, understand system and application dependencies, orchestrate handoffs and generate tons of reports to visualize your release progress and respond to compliance audits. 

In fewer than 4 weeks, you can be a trained user on the platform, in a position to immediately assess the health of your release portfolio and establish an action plan for improvement. This kind of value will support a clear ROI on expanding these capabilities across your business. The payoff is nearly instantaneous: no more waiting for long-term projects to complete. 

In the first month of implementing Plutora’s Release Management QuickStart Bundle, your teams will have:

  • Dashboards and automated reports that show the value delivered to the business along with metrics like Deployment Frequency and Lead Time

  • Templating of release cadences with phases, gates, activity, and criteria 

  • Integration with Jira so you can see the releases and user stories and know what is coming

  • Visibility into the dependencies between releases, applications, and scope

  • Full release calendar so you can manage the schedule and calendar dependencies between releases as well as between Dev and Ops. Including the ability to incorporate blackout periods

  • Manage risk with real-time release dashboards showing statuses on governance, compliance, user stories, and defect status

  • Improved collaboration with stakeholder management of systems and releases

Managers, developers, and engineers who deal with the release management first-hand can make the decision to use the Quickstart Bundle because it falls within their discretionary spend and not within the classic enterprise buying model—the type of things that require broad approval, buy-in, or validation. And you can get started immediately with the free trial and training that you need to be successful! 

Plutora—a full feature value stream management platform—is now being made available in a bite-sized chunk that can quickly alleviate some of the immediate problems that plague software delivery teams. By attacking the problem of transforming your development organization this way, teams can move toward delivering higher-quality software faster with fewer resources and in less time. Greater efficiency allows you to re-invested in process improvement and advancing DevOps practices. Doing so cultivates a system of continuous improvement that can expand beyond the immediate team and put the whole organization on the path to developing a world-class software development organization.

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Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora

Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora

Deliver Better Software Faster with Plutora