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Standardizing VSM Tools and Practices – A Welcomed Effort

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The recent announcement from OASIS OPEN, one of the most respected non-profit standards bodies in the world, that they are defining interoperability standards for value stream management (VSM) is a welcomed next step for software development and digital transformation. As a leading advocate for VSM, Plutora has been championing the growth of the market category through education and engagement since its early stages. It’s gratifying to now see a wide range of organizations coming together and recognizing the critical role VSM plays in organizational success. Similar to the Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC), which Plutora co-founded to help organizations improve performance and drive customer value through the adoption of VSM.

By creating interoperability standards that encourage data sharing across platforms, we should expect an uptick in VSM adoption rates as organizations better understand and utilize the massive amounts of data captured across the development toolchains. VSM has always been about breaking down silos within organizations. Now we are seeing the beginning of greater interconnectivity on a larger scale. This effort by OASIS and its Interoperability Technical Committee will bring “increased interoperability to existing value stream standards, tools, and best practices, enabling a more secure approach to sharing data across platforms in the software supply chains” between broader ecosystems. 

The primary objective of VSM, to deliver value to the customer, has long been standard across businesses and now, with this project, OASIS can help create a standard for the tools and processes of VSM so organizations can better achieve that objective. 

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We’ve always known that VSM breaks down operational silos and creates connections between a variety of processes, teams, and tools. It leverages real-time metrics and enables cross-team collaboration. It embeds governance in the software delivery process and coordinates automated workflows. All told, it puts organizations in a position to deliver high-quality software at greater speeds while reducing risk.

With standardization and interoperability of best practices, we will see the creation of open standards for value stream metrics thus helping organizations better leverage real-time metrics and enable cross-team collaboration. Standard tools will be identified to measure the performance of software delivery methods. And ultimately, a VSM standard for interoperability and tool integration will emerge, allowing for broader adoption in the long term. This is why Plutora supports organizations like the VSMC and this standards initiative—each effort represents a positive step forward for the industry.