Datasheet - Plutora Release

Plutora Release is a SaaS solution that manages software delivery across the entire enterprise release portfolio and throughout the complete lifecycle of each release including planning, approval and execution.Releases are broken down into definable phases, criteria gates, milestones and associated schedules. Plutora Release also tracks application lifecycles and project dependencies while supporting each project team’s development methodology, from traditional Waterfall to Continuous Delivery. By correlating data from existing toolchains and automating manual processes, it provides a single view of releases and associated metrics.Plutora Release provides the business with visibility and control, resulting in predictability in the software release process and improving the speed and frequency of releases and better aligning IT software development with business strategy. It drives enhanced collaboration and coordination for all the key elements of a successful release – the timing, composition, status, and sources.

Product Features

  • Release Calendar

  • Release Scope

  • Systems Impact Matrix

  • Executive Reports

  • Phases and Gates

  • Deployment Planner

  • Deployment Library

  • Interactive Execution