Datasheet - Plutora Environments

Product Info

Plutora Environments is a complete pre-production environment management solution for large enterprises. It gives internal and external environment teams one place to collaborate on and view environment bookings, configurations, and conflicts.

Plutora Environments supports the intake of booking requests, change requests, and allocations. It helps detect conflicts, analyze impact, and set up notifications for stakeholders. Plutora Environments improves the quality, availability, and utilization of environments by reducing costs and delays. It simplifies the management of requests by providing a single system for all tracking and reduces build time by supporting automation tools. It integrates with Plutora Release and existing ITSM tools to help track the relationships between releases and environments.

Plutora IT Environments management tool features

  • Booking Requests

  • Change Requests

  • Environment Schedule

  • CD Pipeline View

  • Build On-Demand

  • ITSM Integrations

  • Environment Map

  • Environment Groups

  • RACI Matrix