Efficiency or Effectiveness - Why Choose? Double Down With SRE and VSM


SRE is becoming the new ITSM - but is it really that simple? SREs' remit is broader than ever and the complexities of their domain have never been higher. What started as keeping production systems running is fast becoming the protector of the customer experience. In today’s world, that makes the SRE position a key strategic enabler of the overall success of the business.

As an SRE, quality and reliability have always been job one. But the insights now available provide an unparalleled view of the efficiency of the software delivery process. They boost the development process and provide visibility into bottlenecks and issues with work distribution (tech debt, rework, etc). Customer satisfaction is now in the hands of the SRE and efficiency is only half the battle. Are customers receiving the value that was intended? Or, more importantly, the value that they expect?