Overcoming Release Management Transformation Challenges


Release management transformation is an essential part of digital transformation for modern enterprises. In many cases, it is the catalyst for further transformation involving the implementation of strategic planning (PPM), DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE practices and technologies. But many of these transformations stall due to challenges associated with the complexities of driving change throughout the software delivery organization.

In this webinar, we'll explore these challenges, see why they exist and hear industry experts Marc Hornbeek, CEO of Engineering DevOps Consulting, Rich Winslow, director of solution architecture at Plutora and Bob Davis, CMO of Plutora, to discuss actionable ways to jumpstart your release management transformation and immediately deliver value.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Why these challenges exist and how you can overcome the most common hurdles

  • Why starting small is key to overcoming these challenges and how, exactly, to do that

  • In addition, we will demonstrate a solution that powers through these roadblocks and put you on a path toward full transformation of your software delivery engine