Mainframes Underpin the Largest Organizations, Why Aren’t They Part of Your Value Streams?

Your mainframe underpins your value stream – it deserves to be a full citizen in your software delivery factory. With Value Stream Management you can modernize your factory to include mainframes as a seamless component of your overall software development process.

As organizations undergo their digital transformations, and software delivery teams transition from a project to product focus, visibility across the growing number of dependencies has never been more important. But the mainframe is too often left out of the equation which fundamentally compromises the integrity of the value stream. Did you know…

  • The top 10 insurance companies

  • Over 90% of the top 100 banks,

  • Over 90% of the top 25 airlines

…have mainframes managing much of the world’s most sensitive data and underpinning their value streams? That’s why the ability to manage dependencies, implement continuous compliance, and coordinate multi-speed release cadences across the *entire* delivery estate – including mainframes - is not just convenient, but critical. Having a software factory that can release software faster, with less risk will deliver more customer value and drive growth.