Outlook for DevOps + Agile + VSM: Don’t Get Left Behind in 2021


Value stream management has burst onto the scene and is setting the stage for the next evolution of DevOps. With the backdrop of a world literally changing before our eyes, the need to act has never been more critical. This year, analysts have scrambled to share their views on what the marketplace looks like and how organizations can harness this technology to supercharge their performance.

As we move toward 2021, let’s take some time to consider the imperatives for teams wanting to take the next step in their digital transformation and claim control over their value stream’s performance.

Join Helen Beal, industry leader in DevOps evolution, and Jeff Keyes, VP of product at Plutora, to hear advice and guidance on the outlook for 2021 and the goals that need to be in place to make value stream management work effectively for you.